Thursday, February 12, 2015

2014 Solstice Global Healing report

21st December 2014
A Memorable “Solstice Global Healing” Interfaith event organized by the Planetary Healing Artists Association of Australia was broadcast Australia wide on Channel 7 the same night as the event to spread the message of a much needed peace for our fellow man.


A Report written by Rev Willy Vloedmans – a guest at the Solstice Global Healing event:
 “This year’s Solstice Global Healing theme was healing the family and this theme was very apt as the world was sickened by the terrorist attacks in Sydney and Pakistan where many innocent lives were lost, and then in Cairns a mother killed 7 of her children plus another child.
 In times of such sorrow there is little one person can do however this ceremony brought together many different religions and social representatives encouraging religious acceptance and the importance of family.
 Each speaker spoke from the heart and did not rely on their scriptures, however Moshim Mohammed representing Islam quoted from the Quaran ‘if you kill one innocent person then it is like Killing all of humanity …’ The recent terrorist attacks are not caused by religion but the political hijacking of religious groups.
 St Kilda has a diverse culture and religious base and it’s an honour to share this day with all these groups.  Many times I heard my words coming from other speakers.  All religions have a common core and this event reminds us of what is common.
 The welfare groups reinforced the need for family which was poignantly expressed by Les Twentyman’s stories about children without families especially a child who collected all the wrapping paper as she wanted to preserve the feeling of getting a present, probably her very first.
 There should be no division between social and welfare groups, cultures and religions.  The following list shows just how diverse the representatives were and how necessary events like this are: