Wednesday, February 26, 2014

'Oh my Gaia!' art exhibition's time to extend

We are happy to announce that West Beach Bathers Pavilion have requested 'Oh my Gaia!' art exhibition to extend for another month. Awaiting okay reply from all artists.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Opening Oh my Gaia ! news

Cr. Amanda Stevens, Mayor of City of Port Phillip, meets Neil & Mia (planetary healing artists), left, after Opening their new art exhibition

Daniel O'Leary, left bottom, wins the lucky door prize of kite surfing lessons from Kite Republic. How perfect. He is looking forward to private lessons with a friend.

Stella Woods, top right, gave a fantastic presentation that fitted in with the theme with the artists for Healing our planet.

Sorry for the delay, have had computer problems...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh My Gaia art exhibition healing the planet...

Many thanks for the support of City of Port Phillip, West Beach Bathers Pavilion, all of the Planetary Healing Artists's coming togerther for this magnificient exhibition to heal the Planet at this special time, especially Maria with the catalogues, Katrina doing the signs, Annette with facebook updates, Neill for the wonderful flier, Simon with the practical stuff & special guests at the Opening to help launch the exhibition, Kite Republic & everyone I have forgotten for the moment.

Oh my Gaia! art exhibition is up till 3rd Feb

Most of the planetary healing & environmental artists made it to the Opening Night. In spite of the heat we managed to get the exhibition ready. Just before sunset Father Bob came for some healing after a funeral that day & Ross Maher, mentor extraordinaire for the group to keep the energy going.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Only days to the Opening Night 'Oh my Gaia!'

Presenters for the evening include the Mayor of Port Phillip to open the exhibition, Stella Woods who has been involved with the Wildness Society, Kayleen White with a planetary healing ritual, Anna Jane Wilson with a poem, and Anies Suzukawa with a healing meditation for Mother Earth.
6pm - 8pm
on Thursday 6th February 2014
@ West Beach Bathers Pavilion
Cnr Pier & Beaconsfield Pde (Oposite Cowderoy St) West St Kilda
Be there on this important night so we can
come together to make a difference in healing our Planet Earth.