Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet the Artists

Artists Get Together to meet following our great efforts with the "Healing the Bay" art exhibition this Sunday. 
The Beach, it's 750 m from Gasworks. It's close to the bay, on the corner of Victoria Avenue & Beaconsfield Parade, address is 97 Beaconsfield Pde:
We hope you can all join us for a drink to celebrate this unbelievable art exhibition all coming together so well at around 4.15pm Sunday 24th Feb.
With thanks to Everyone & Every Blessing from the Team.

Prizes are Drawn for "Healing the Bay" art exhibition

"Healing the Bay" art exhibition was unbelievably successful not only by bringing 32 artists together with their magnificient artwork, it was also the Healing and raising awareness for our much loved Bay. We have brought people together from around the bay and near and far.
We are really humbled by all the contributions and generosity of spirit. Thank you Everyone and Every Blessing to you all.

Although voting was very close and everyone deserved to win, winners are recorded as follows:
!st Prize - Gypsy Dravan - Honey Ant Dreaming
2nd Prize - Miranda Davis - Whales Tales
3rd Prize - Diana Muller - Guardians of the Bay

We will upload photos soon

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PHAAA "Healing the Bay" art exhibition is up till 24th Feb 2013!!!

Last Night we celebrated our Third Exhibition with Champagne at Gasworks, including Healing Ceremonies to cleanse the Bay of any toxins. Over 60 people joined in a ceremony led by Indigenous Elder, Alex Dawia. The art exhibition looked magnificient representing 32 artists around the Bay with one or two artworks.
One of the lucky voters Georgie Schafter won Free Private Kite Flying lessons donated by Kite Republic on the foreshore of St Kilda. More prizes to be won at the end of the exhibition.
Other lucky people won food vouchers donated by the Beachcomber Cafe on the foreshore of St Kilda.

A Big Thank you to all who helped put this together our Brothers and Sisters from Mildura Aboriginal Corporation and Leo Male for their large contribution, the Phaaa Artists especially Sean and Helena for  all their help in setting up the day before the Opening Night and Arrundell & Simon for unbelievable catering services, Guests on Opening Night: Alex Dawia, Rachel Shields, Chaise Egan, Guy Abrahams, Claire Legrand, Kayleen White, Neil McLean & Damian Vuleta for all design & advertising stuff, Karyn Yee from Redfox Productions, all the new artists who joined us from around the Bay, Jess Hall in Permits & Julian and Ves in Sustainability at Port Phillip Council, Tracey at Gasworks Arts Park, Leader newspapers: Morrington, Mordialloc Chelsea that I know about so far, Adele Denison at the St Kilda Festival, Sustainable Living Festival, Deans Art & Photo Shop in South Melbourne, MKD Design Australia Pty Ltd, Kite Republic, Beachcomber Cafe for donations and as there have been so many all I have forgotten about.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't miss the Mildura Aboriginal Corporation in "Healing the Bay"

We thank Leo Male (centre) for all his support and enormous contribution in the exhibition. We have an amazing art exhibition with some great indigenous artworks. Barb Egan on the left, is another amazing Mildura Aboriginal Artist and grandmother who will be exhibiting in "Healing the Bay".

Maggie Diaz - Our Oldest Artist at 86 years

We have an amazing list of artists ranging from 20 years-86years old. We visited Maggie yesterday who is our oldest artist at 86 years young exhibiting in our upcoming exhibition "Healing the Bay".
Our youngest around 20 years.