Sunday, January 20, 2013

HEALING THE BAY art Exhibition. Do not miss Opening Night - 6pm-8pm Tuesday 5th February 2013

We will have an amazing art exhibition this year on "Healing the Bay" connecting with artists around the bay.

Claire Legrand - Marine Renewable Engineer. Talk on marine renewable energy and Bay status.
Healing Ceremonies for the Bay from Bunna Lawrie - Aboriginal Elder, from the Mirning tribe in the coastal Nullabor, South Australia; 
Alex Dawia "The Mekai"(traditional Healer} from Boganville; 
Kayeen White with a Ancient Pagan Healing Ceremony for the Bay.

More information and Prizes to be Won on the blog coming soon 

There is still a few more days to send in your submission forms for artwork. 
Art is to be delivered at 8am-10am to Gasworks on 4th Feb 2013, unless delivered & arranged with Mia beforehand.
Hope to see you all on Opening Night 6pm-8pm, 5th February 2013
Every Blessing of love & light Mia

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