Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Exhibition Art Prizes - People’s Choice Award

  1. XL Oil Easel Wooden Case including oil paints, etc donated by Dean’s Art, South Melbourne.
  2. Fresh Water Pearls (from the sea) and Onyx braclet donated by MKD Design Australia Pty Ltd
  3. Walnut Triple 5x7 Photo frame donated by Photo Factory, South Melbourne.
Voters prize: Free Private Kite Flying lessons for 4 (X 2) sponsored by Kite Republic, Foreshore St Kilda.
Throughout the duration of the exhibition the public can vote for their favorite artwork. One lucky voter will win a prize. Winners announced on 24th February 2013. Some prizes given on Opening Night.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

HEALING THE BAY art Exhibition. Do not miss Opening Night - 6pm-8pm Tuesday 5th February 2013

We will have an amazing art exhibition this year on "Healing the Bay" connecting with artists around the bay.

Claire Legrand - Marine Renewable Engineer. Talk on marine renewable energy and Bay status.
Healing Ceremonies for the Bay from Bunna Lawrie - Aboriginal Elder, from the Mirning tribe in the coastal Nullabor, South Australia; 
Alex Dawia "The Mekai"(traditional Healer} from Boganville; 
Kayeen White with a Ancient Pagan Healing Ceremony for the Bay.

More information and Prizes to be Won on the blog coming soon 

There is still a few more days to send in your submission forms for artwork. 
Art is to be delivered at 8am-10am to Gasworks on 4th Feb 2013, unless delivered & arranged with Mia beforehand.
Hope to see you all on Opening Night 6pm-8pm, 5th February 2013
Every Blessing of love & light Mia

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Phaaa decided "Global Healing Day" to be an annual occurrence

We invite everyone to join us again next year!
An article written by Rev Willy Vloadmans, a participant in "Global Healing Day"- 21st Dec 2012

Leading up to this night there has been a lot of hype regarding Mayan prophesies that the world was coming to an end.  In recent years we have been bombarded with reports of global warming, environmental issues and the idea of the Earth not able to cope, putting all life into danger.

The purpose of this night was to join likeminded groups around the world to pray for healing.  There are many religions in Melbourne and a good cross section of their representatives joined in leading prayers for healing of the individual, humanity and the planet.

Also present was Vegilious and Good Brew, both organisations committed to a healthy interaction with all other forms of life for our sustenance.

By inviting all religions we were able to let go of our biases, learn from the other and create a bond of peace that is a great conduit for healing.

The evening started with an Aboriginal smoking ceremony, in which most people participated for the cleansing of self. There was a tribute to Uncle Reg Blow who recently passed away and actively tried to harmoniously unite people.  Unfortunately Father Bob was not able to attend but sent his blessings.  The most surprising speaker, who represented Atheism,  spoke of science in a similar vein as the religious representatives’ spoke of their God.  Another highlight was a young aboriginal lady who enchanted all with a dream-time story.

At 10:10 we all joined in a guided meditation to bring divine forces of love and healing to this planet.

Finally the evening closed by everyone holding hands and forming a giant circle (around 200 people), sharing a multi-faith chant for healing and unity, led by Dya Singh.

In times of need humanity has turned to the great creator seeking spiritual help.  Religions have had their superstitions disproved, but Science cannot disprove the existence of God. However the true essence of each religion revolves around intelligence higher than mankind.  Religions believe that by tuning into this energy we can affect this world. What better way than everyone uniting regardless of labels and loving all of God’s creations?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still Time for Submission forms for HEALING THE BAY art exhibition

You still have time to put in your submission forms. Billboard has been delayed and just put up so we will extend the time for the Healing the Bay" art exhibition submissions to 24th Jan 2013. Artists now have more time to prepare artwork and get your forms in.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

"HEALING THE BAY" Art Exhibition

Now that we have saved the world, in the emergence of the New Year, let us work together for a thriving sustainable Bay in our upcoming Art Exhibition "Healing the Bay".
Invitation to all Artists around the Bay to submit art works.
Copy and paste Submission Form text below into a word-processor document

with Submission form filled in below:

Artists Submission Form - Gasworks Arts Park 5th-24th Feb 13

Exhibition Art Prizes - People’s Choice Award:
1. XL Oil Easel Wooden Case including oil paints sponsored by Dean’s Art, South Melbourne.
2. Walnut Triple 5x7 Photo frame sponsored by Photo Factory, South Melbourne.
3. Free Private Kite Flying lessons for 4 (X 2) sponsored by Kite Republic, Foreshore St Kilda.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition the public can vote for their favorite artwork. One lucky voter will win a prize. Winners announced on 24th February 2013. Some prizes given on Opening Night.
Everyone submits their ideas electronically - cut off date for reviewing is January 15th 2013. Your Art Work must be delivered to Mia by 1st February 2013 
- One large or two small paintings or art work per artist. Large being no more than 1 metre x 1 metre without contacting Mia - on 0415 552 488 as soon as possible to make sure there will be room. Those submitting  smaller works (eg 10” by 8“) may be able to submit two or more works.
- All works must be wired securely ready to be hung from the gallery tracking system.
- Sales of artwork will be managed by Gasworks - 25% & 2.5% GST commission is applicable.
- Work needs to be picked up by 4pm, 24th Feb 2013 at Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park.
- Entrance fee is $15, ($10 for phaaa members), includes your yearly membership fee for phaaa. 
- Note: Terms and conditions of Gasworks Arts Park separately. 


PHONE:  Hm                                                        M



MEDIA & SIZE                                                        PRICE

For Catalogue (150 words max)


DISCLAIMER: While special care will be taken to ensure no harm is done to your artwork no responsibility can be taken for damage or if work is stolen. Insurance for theft, fire, and other risks is the artist’s responsibility.

SIGNATURE                                                       DATE