Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Celebrating with the Mayan's & Jessiee Kaur Singh

We will connect with Jessie Kaur Singh who will be celebrating the 21st Dec with the Mayan's in a sacred site. Travelling with her older daughter Jamel, she will attend the Guatemala Gathering, Sikh community in Espanola and other ceremonies. Jessiee will connect with the "Global Healing Day" event, hopefully live via skype. We thank her for all her help so far in Melbourne. Greetings and well wishes to you Sister. 
Some great synergy will take place between Australia and New Mexico. Love and respect.

Mrs. Jessiee Kaur Singh
President WIN Foundation (Women's Interfaith Network Foundation)
Co President COMMON (Centre of Melbourne MultiFaith & Others Network)
President Emeriti GreenFaith Australia
MultiFaith Representative of Sikh Council Australia and UnitedSikhs
Ambassador Akaal Purkh Ki Fauj, Amritsar 
Former Global Trustee of URI
Founding Member/President Emeriti of MultiFaith Association SA
Board Member of RARE Earth Foundation

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