Saturday, December 22, 2012

21.12.12 Truly Amazing "Global Healing Day"

A Big Thank You to all who joined us to celebrate this special occasion yesterday. It could have been 200 people or more. We joined together in Peace and Harmony - all faiths, beliefs, prayers and healing. Collaborations and connections were made.
There were last minute changes as you can see on the board for the first half, pictured below.
From the Indigenous Welcome to Country with Tarndop David Snr Tournier right to the end with Dya Singh's Amazing Multi Chant Connecting us all together. Joining Dya were Harsel Kaur Singh, Rachael Shields, Jasbir Singh, Norm Currie, Avraham Schwarz, Batsheva Dor, Ewen Richards, Sean Batchelor, Hal Tropp, Matthew Fagan, and more.

Much Gratitude to all who supported the event!

Donors for this event have included Jessiee Kaur Singh, Phaaa members, All the Guests. Volunteers, Promoters, Red Fox Productions, Nova Magazine, Diversity Newsletter, Weekly Review, Leader Newspaper, Common, Women's Interfaith Network, Port Phillip Sustainability & Interfaith, especially Julian Donelan & Jess Hall for making life easier, Good Brew, Vegalicious, the Beachcomber Cafe at the foreshore of St Kilda, Sacred Heart Parish & Mission, Businesses in Fitzroy & Acland Street, Galiamble House & the Women's House in St Kilda and everyone I have forgotten to mention.

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