Sunday, February 5, 2012

Phaaa Healing the Bay - Artists' Celebration - at the Galleon Cafe

The Galleon Cafe was busy today and people arrived at different times. Appologies for the confusion. The idea was for artists to have a gathering and the public to meet them. It was impossible to have a formal opening because festival time is so overcrowded. Let us know if you would like another event to meet the artists and we could arrange one after the St Kilda festival.
Disappointed we missed some people like Mara, Mary, Anne, Verity and Adrian. However to prove some of us were there a photo is posted below of some of the artists at the celebration,  phaaa Mia
Please note extreme weather conditions happening - around 2pm high 30's tropical weather and upon leaving a couple of hours later after heavy rain cold winter weather needing something warm to put on.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Phaaa Healing the Bay Exhibition extended till 27th March 2012

Dear friends,
Welcome to 2012 and another exciting exhibition "Healing the Bay". A big thank you to all who have made it happen. First we thank Marilyn, the Galleon Cafe staff for support and a suitable place to have the exhibition.
Adele Denison, St Kilda festival producer for help and encouragement, Rose and all the St Kilda library staff for support during the preparation stages, Julian Donlen & Verity McLucas at sustaiability, City of Port Phillip for printing & publicity, Michael Danby's office for printing, Bede Doherty at EcoCentre, Fran Bader at St Kilda Times and Chloe Farmer from Transition Towns for publicity, Councillor Janet Bolitho for taking an interest in us, Norm Hanson for assisting the group through the year and preparing labels and catalogues. Neill McLean for logo & postcard design. Mark Thompson & Damian Vuleta for IT and design skills. Robyn Walton & Edward Carr for editing help. Finally all the artists who submitted work:  Jenny Brain, Mara Hayler, Norm Hanson, Neill McLean, Henry Shires, Mia Jevic, Edward Carr, Mary Rimington and to everyone else who contributed.

Thank you