Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time to register your submission for Healing the Bay

Galleon Cafe
February 2012

The works can be paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures or any graphic media that focuses on some aspect of Healing the Bay. That work might highlight, issue or inspire action, warn of the consequences of inaction or just record the beauty of what we now have and need to preserve. 

Click on this link for the Artists Submission form.
Please complete and return via email or direct by 20th. January, details on the form

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Phaaa at Werribee Zoo Trip

It was timely we arrived to see the gorillas at Werribee Zoo yesterday. The bus was driven by our expert driver Norm who managed to get us there for the most glorious day. Thank you to all for coming and well wishes from those who could not make it.

Perhaps we will plan other similar events with Transition Towns in the future.

from Mia

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Have a Venue

We will having the healing of the bay prelude at the Galleon Cafe in Carlisle St, for most of Feburary, including the period of the St. Kilda festival.

Display space will be limited so please contact Mia or Norm as soon as possible if you want to include a large work.

You can download an Artists Submission Form here.
Fill it out and return it by email to Norm (or Mia) by 20th January 2012. Details are on the form.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fund Raiser

Come along for
an afternoon tea party,
everyone welcome !!!

Fundrasing event for the:

Sunday, 16th October
1pm - 5pm, 80 Blessington Street, St Kilda

--- Anyone who spends any money up to $5 will get a free paid up membership card.
--- Art Auction will commence at 4pm (There will be prints & an oil painting of the lovers tarot card so far and surprises!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Invitation - A prelude to Healing the Bay

This is an early invitation to local artist to prepare some works for a smaller preview of our larger Healing the Bay project that will be exhibited during the next St.Kilda festival. We are still working on the venue, (a cafe or restaurant preferred) and will announce this soon. Wall space may limit size of submission, so if you have special requirements get it quick so these can be considered.
The works can be paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures or any graphic media that focuses on some aspect of Healing the Bay. That work might highlight, issue or inspire action, warn of the consequences of inaction or just record the beauty of what we now have and need to preserve.
Email Mia or Norm to express your interest to participate, Submittal forms will be available here once a venue is confirmed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Werribee Zoo - Christmas Celebration

Tuesday 29th November 2011

A Werribee Zoo outing was suggested by artists following our exhibition
"Endangered" earlier this year. As a celibration for all our good work so far we have organised a bus.lease.

Book now as there are limited places.

Costs will include between $3 to $5 for petrol and zoo entry fee which
is around $20. This will be a social outing connecting artists. We will stop for
lunch as well so bring a plate and we can have a picnic.

Will be a fun day!
Warmly Mia

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Phaaa Healing the Bay

To inspire artistic concern for the health of Port Phillip Bay and in particular the coastal stretch of the City of Port Phillip, we plan to  hold an exhibition with the theme Healing the Bay. We are looking for works that can bring public insight and inspiration into the range of issues that are putting pressure on our bay, including but not limited to sea level rise, climate change, coastal development and sustainability.

The works can be paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures or any graphic media that focuses on some aspect of Healing the Bay. That work might highlight, issue or inspire action, warn of the consequences of inaction or just record the beauty of what we now have and need to preserve.

We aim to be able to provide a prize for the “most inconvenient artwork”,  that work that most inspires its viewers to be concerned for the health of the Bay.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The “Concerned” Penguins

little penguin 2aBehind the scene we had put a fair bit of effort into the next art project and exhibition to be based around the little penguin colony of St.Kilda. Rather than being angry penguins (a nice artistic tie in) we where planning a project about “concerned” penguins but alas there were several individuals so "concerned" about the welfare of the penguins if more of the public knew of their colonies location. So, unfortunately this project has been sidelined. Shhhh...

We still intend to have another Exhibition project this year, just not about local penguin.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Today!

Please come and support us for our first performance


Earth's Fever
Featuring an introduction by Rod Quantock

3.30PM, 4.30PM & 5.30PM

for more details see previous post

Remember Today is also the main day of celebration for the St. Kilda Festival and many roads are closed for the parade and public events, so parking generally is very restricted (be prepared to walk a distance).

Stop Press

The Exhibtion "Endangered" is being extended at the Dog's Bar till 20th. February.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Earth's Fever

Please remember to come and support us


3.30PM, 4.30PM & 5.30PM

EARTH'S FEVER is a children's environmental awareness play written by Sarah Doering. This is a play, oriented to both children and adults about global warming & climate change and how we affect this. It is our first production, is timely for our current circumstances, and encourages us to care for the earth.

Featuring an introduction by Rod Quantock

Directed by Alistair McQueen
Produced by Mia, Planetary Healing Artists Convenor

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Invite to Art Exhibition Opening

We are making history with our first exhibition OPENING

 "Endangered" at the Dog's Bar, 54 Acland St, St Kilda, 
2-4pm, tomorrow Sunday 6th Feb.

It is a great opportunity for us to get together and CELEBRATE!!! 
For those who did not finish their art work in time and those whose work was unsuitable this time we hope to include you in the next exhibition.

Spot the surprise living sculpture appearance and hope you can all be there.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Updated Artist Submission Forms

If you were having difficulty with the PDF artist submittal form, for the Endangered exhibition, try either of the formats below, just click on the links to download them. They will be easier you fill out on your computer and email back.

Why So Many Questions?

imageWe are planning to have detailed labels for each work (see example here). As well as showing the basic Title, Artist, Media & Price details. These will let you tell your story of  a threatened or endangered species. Optionally also provide a web link to guide the viewer to more detail if it is available on the web.

If your work is Not For Sale, just put NFS in price.

The Description can be used in anyway you like to tell the story or your work and what is endangered and perhaps why.(sorry 150 words max).

The external web link, could be your own web site or a place you feel those viewing you work may find relevant information. For example in the label above the web link points to a list of endangered fish species we should avoid eating, which is provided on the http://www.ourlivingcoast.com/ web site. Long web site links will be shortened with bit.ly  We will do the shortening, you just need to put the full URL as the Web Link in your form.We will also create strange mosaic in the top corner, it is a QR Code, a new type of bar code that most modern web enabled mobile phones can scan and then be directly connected to that web page on the phone. These links are optional and if not supplied will not appear on your label.

So that we have time to prepare these labels and a simple catalogue list we request your completed submittal form by Sunday 30th January.

Email your completed  form to extinction@imageo.com.au

Monday, January 3, 2011

“Endangered” - invitation to local artists

"Endangered" is a project of Planetary Healing Artists Association of Australia and the Dog's Bar St.Kilda. The exhibition will run from 6th. to 13th. February 2011.  

Thylacine skeleton, Australian Museum
Do you know half of the Australian animals are either in danger of being extinct or are extinct now.

Species extinction is among the most neglected issues arising in the context of global Climate Change. Yet, it is certain that the rapid climatic changes predicted for the 21st Century and beyond will disrupt ecosystems around the world and will add many more animals and plants to the list of species threatened by extinction.

The world is a precious place. Endangered speaks to our sense of what may be lost if we continue to pursue a lifestyle that neglects the vulnerability of our living environment. Look at the SKY, the AIR belongs to the Birds, Butterflies, Trees and YOU. Your actions keep all clean and healthy.

The exhibition will feature artworks of local artists. Each work tells a story of a species of flora or fauna faced by the threat of extinction. In creatively communicating their concern for the living things that we share our world with, the artists ask us to extend our horizon beyond our immediate interests. By contemplating the beauty and richness of the beings that may be lost, Endangered opens a space for our understanding that we are part of something much larger, which fills us with awe and is worth protecting.

Whatever you do even right this minute is either good or bad for the ENVIRONMENT for NATURE and for YOU.

Click here to get further details and an artist submittal form. You will also find details of application, drop off and Pick up dates over on the right hand columns.